History of our School

History of St. Felim’s NS

 Cavan NS was erected in 1862 for the Christian Brothers by Most Rev. Dr. Browne, Bishop of Kilmore.  The Christian Brothers would not accept control by the Commissioners of National education and were supported in their teaching by charity sermons in the old Cavan Cathedral and private subscriptions.

In 1868 the National School Commissioners were given control and it then became a national school. In 1942 the De La Salle Brothers were introduced to a six classroom new school on the site of the old County Jail. The boys were transferred from the old national school which then became known for many years as the Cavan Mineral Water Company, located beside Kingspan Breffni Park.

St. Felim’s NS was built in 1942 and was known and still is affectionately referred to as The Boys’ School.  Once run under the watchful eye of the De La Salle Brothers St. Felim’s NS is now under the patronage of the Catholic Church.


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