Student Council


Student Council 2017/18

On the 13th and 14th of September,elections here held in each class to elect new member to the student council. Each class from 3rd to 6th elected a class representative. The boys with the second highest number of votes in 5th and 6th class will represent the 2nd and speech and language classes.

Darragh – Speech & Language Class rep
Charlie – Ms Smith 2nd
Kieran – Ms Smith Lynch 2nd
Lorcan – Ms Gallagher 2nd
Simon – Ms Fitzpatrick 3rd Class
Josh – 3rd class Ms O’Reilly
Dante – Ms Smith 4th Class
Pijus – Mr Monaghan 4th class
Jorden – Mr.Tighe 5th class
Ciaran – Mr Fortune 5th
Siam- Ms Smith 6th class
Shabani – Ms Farrell 6th

School Library


Our school library opened recently with a selection of over 400 books donated by boys in the school. Each class has their own time slot for the library and we hope that everyone enjoys it!









 Spring Clean Up

We enrolled in An Taisce’s National Spring Clean Up and had to go to the Market Square for a photoshoot. Tommy Lee and John even made the front page of The Anglo Celt!




4th, 5th and 6th classes took part in the Spring Clean and each class has their own section between the Bus Station and Con Smith Memorial Park.






Computer Club Survey


On Friday 3rd February, we gave a survey to every boy in the school to see if they would like to have a computer club in the school. We asked what they would like to learn and then we collected the results and tallied the results. The results showed that 123 boys would like computer club. Hopefully we can get it up and running as soon as possible!!!

Here’s some photos of us tallying the results in the staffroom!!!

027 026 025

First Official Duties!

At the official opening of the new school buildings we formed a welcome committee outside the school and brought invited guests to their seats.



2016/17 Elections

We held elections for the Student Council on Friday September 9th. Each boy from 3rd to 6th were invited to nominate themselves for the elections and  then each class voted for their class representative. The elected members are:

  • Ms Maguire (S&L): Deividas
  • Ms Brady (3rd): Colm Douch
  • Ms O’Reilly (3rd): Irel Dean Pedregosa
  • Mr Monaghan (4th): Michael Monaghan
  • Ms Smith (4th): Jakub Jaskiewicz
  • Ms Fitzpatrick (5th) Andrei Ionasc & Rowan Byrne
  • Mr Tighe (5th): John Mc Donagh
  • Ms Cartin (5th): Paul Coventry
  • Ms Mc Cartin (6th): TJ Orr
  • Ms Farrell (6th): Ahmed Cheema
  • Ms Smith (6th): MichaelMaradesa
Newly Elected Members of the Student Council

What is the Student Council?

A student council is a group of students who are elected by their fellow classmates to represent them in the management of a school.

The student council helps share  students’ ideas, interests, and concerns with staff members to influence school decision making and make the school a better place to be for everybody.

They sometimes organise social events or extra-curriculum activities to help raise funds to buy school resources and pay for extra school activities.

The Role of St. Felim’s Student Council


To provide an opportunity for pupils to voice their opinions and offer suggestions to improve many aspects of school life

To discuss issues relevant to our school

To offer an opportunity for all pupils to voice their opinions on proposed changes and thereby play a very significant role in improving our school

To act as a channel of communication between pupils and school staff

To provide an opportunity to raise funds for new school activities and resources as well as for local charities

To make positive changes


 Members of St. Felim’s Student Council


Chairperson: The chairperson is in charge of all meetings. He get things done, makes final decisions and inspires others.


Treasurer:  The treasurer is in charge of the finances.


Secretaries: The secretaries are in charge of all administration, for example, writing notes and letters, photocopying, making lists, phone calls and so on.


Class representatives: Class representatives are responsible for listening to their classmates and discussing their ideas and concerns at council meetings.


Student Council Facilitator: Ms Mc Cartin



Members meet once a month.

Council Meetings are facilitated by Ms Mc Cartin

Prior to these meetings, the Student Council representatives will collect ideas and suggestions from all classes, for the agenda.  These items will then be discussed, and may be brought to Staff Meetings for further deliberation. As well as bringing matters to the Council for discussion, the members are required to report the outcome of meetings to the other classes, either formally or informally.

Meetings generally follow the following format:

  • Roll call and introduction
  • Minutes from previous meeting
  • Issues/topics
  • What needs to be done? Who is going to do it? When is it going to be done?
  • Conclusion



Each year, representatives from Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Classes will be elected by secret ballot and take a seat on the Council for one complete year. Three nominees from each of these classes will be invited to canvass prior to election in order to secure as many votes as possible to become the official representative for their class.

The elected pupils are required to be active participants in the Council, to attend meetings regularly, participate in activities and be a role model for other students.


Member Benefits


Member benefits include gaining respect and self-confidence, a sense of pride and accomplishment, as well as leadership and presentation skills.

A party is held for members at the end of the election year.

Members may also earn additional homework passes, class compliments and individual stamps throughout the year.

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