Mission Statement

Mission Statement

We, the staff of St. Felim’s National School, hope that each child will enjoy and benefit from his/her time in this school.
St. Felim’s NS is an extension of society, an extension of the home. It is not just a place where children are educated, but also where children are equipped with the necessary skills, values and attitudes to cope with and contribute towards our society. The ethos of the school is Catholic with due recognition for other religions.
The Grow in Love Religious programme is followed in all classes. Children are prepared for First Communion in Second Class and for Confirmation in Sixth class. In this atmosphere of respect the spiritual, intellectual, social and physical growth of the children is fostered.

Aims Of St. Felim’s NS

To provide each individual child with:
(i) an equal opportunity to grow and develop physically, intellectually and emotionally.
(ii) a well planned comprehensive education in the vital areas of reading, writing and numeracy.

To encourage:
(i) and promote a critical awareness within the child of his/her immediate environment and of his/her active role in it.
(ii) and foster the Catholic and Christian faith in the children.
(iii) good standards of behaviour, manners, hygiene and dress.
(iv) To provide children who have learning difficulties with extra help and remediation to enable them to develop to the best of their abilities
(v) To give pupils the experience and appreciation of the aesthetic arts.(vi) To implement and enforce school rules consistently and fairly and to give children an appreciation of the rules as necessary and beneficial to all.

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