Ms Carroll

Welcome to our 2nd class blog!

Can you guess who everyone is? 

Using mirrors, we  looked at our reflections and talked about all the different features we could see. We then had lots of fun creating our very own self portrait!


Data Hunt: Tally Charts

What is the most popular colour of car on Farnham Street?

This term, we were learning all about Data and the different ways that we can record information. We went down to Farnham Street and created a Tally Chart to find out what is the most popular colour of car!


We worked in small groups to record the information.

Did you know that black was the most popular colour for a car!

Did you know that green was the least popular colour of car on Farnham Street.

We didn’t spot any!!

Maths for Fun!

Each Friday Mr. Mc Hugh has been coming into our class to play some fun Maths based activities. We have been using our maths language of greater than, less than & equals to, when playing the whole class activity Higher or Lower.



The boy’s really enjoy learning new activities and games during Maths for Fun!

Our Cinema Visit….

This term, we were super lucky! The whole school went to see ‘The Grinch’ in our local cinema. Our class loved it, we thought it was amazing , we would it give it five star rating!!

Our Library Visit….

Once a month, we visit our local library to select some interesting books.


We  really enjoy spending time being quiet and reading our favourite books.



This term, we have been attending gymnastic lessons with Laura and Kelly. We have been learning about the importance of stretching before we exercise.

We have been learning all about counter balance. It is a lot trickier than it looks!

We have learnt how to do a scorpion kick, scorpion hold, forward tumbles and even hand stands!



First Men on the Moon

This term, we have been learning about the first men to land on the moon. Do you know Neil Armstrong’s famous saying:

“This is one small step for man, but one giant leap for mankind.”

We used oil pastels to create our very own spaceships visiting the moon.

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