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St. Felim’s achieved the Healthy Promoting Schools flag and it was raised in September 2015. Many thanks to all involved who achieved this flag for our school. We still continue to promote healthy activity and eating in the school.



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Teachers against the pupils match.

St.Felims N.S. is currently working extremely hard to achieve a health promoting schools flag. Last year, we concentrated on the area of physical activity and this year, we arefocusing on healthy eating and oral health.


Our HPS committee are very hard working and diligent. We strive to meet together once per month to plan, organise and review tasks and responsibilities.

Ms. E. O’Neill – HPS Coordinator

Mr. J McHugh – Home School Liason teacher

Mr. M Mahon – teacher

Kim Smith – Special Needs Assistant

Fiona Byrne – parent

Jennifer Somers – parent

Brian Oghene – student

Tyrese Anyiam – student

Jack Lee Flood – student

Kome Okpaje – student

Dean Sherlock – student

Why are we doing all this? Each childs health and physical well-being will affect their learning in school. We want optimum learning for all our pupils. We are getting a lot of co-operation from parents to achieve this. We are constantly battling with obesity in Ireland, so we have a duty of care to our children and ourselves, ie parents and school staff.

So what kind of things have we been doing??

– We have formed a new healthy eating policy (please have a look at it, under POLICIES)

– We are learning loads about healthy eating .

– We are discouraging unhealthy foods as rewards.

-We are making use of a Health Promoting Schools noticeboard and our webpage.

– Each classroom has a new food pyramid.

– Ms. McCartins 6th class are producing a recipe book for Junior Entrepreneur.

– Glanmore were chosen as our free lunch providers and are providing excellent quality and variety.

– Fruit is provided for each pupil after our monthly walks.

– Healthy smoothies and oat bars are being sold after our walks.

– Sports day was reviewed and improved.

– Each class is encouraged to have a physical element to their school tour.

– PE audit completed.

– Sli na Slainte monthly walk with parents.

– Action for life PE lessons and Operation Trasforamation PE lessons being actively taught.

– Existing playground markings improved and new markings painted.

– Mid May 2014 – ‘Lets Get Active’ week.

– Busy Break – 10mins daily – DEAR (Drop Everything and Run), DEAD (Drop Everything and Dance)

This list is not exhaustive, just some of what we are up to in St.Felims!!!

Look at our pyramid in Gymnastics class.
Look at our pyramid in Gymnastics class.

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