Parent/Teacher Meetings are normally organised after the Halloween break.  At least one weeks notice will be given to parents with a time slot in which to attend after school time.


Parents and child must sign the school’s ‘Code of Conduct’ on enrolment.

  • School day is from 9am to 2.40pm.

  • Punctuality is most important.

  • Pupils must be in school at 9am.  New system now records pupils who arrive late.

There is no supervision provided before school commences and no responsibility is accepted for pupils arriving before that time. Regular attendance at school is crucial if every child is to realise their potential.

For Health and Safety reasons it is advised that parents do not drive up the school avenue in the mornings to drop off or in the afternoons to collect their children.

We would ask that all children [except children in Speech and Language classes] be dropped off and picked up only along Farnham St.

All pupils must wear the school uniform to school every day. Under no circumstances should soccer or GAA jerseys be worn to school, not even under the polo shirt or sweatshirt. Branded tracksuits are not allowed. The wearing of earrings is not allowed.


Uniform is available from
TELEPHONE: 049 4332036


TELEPHONE: 049 4362563

Please ensure that your child has a name tag on his/her uniform, coat and other personal property such as school bag, books, copies and lunch box, etc.

School Uniform

  • Turquoise round neck sweat-shirt (with school crest).

  • Red polo shirt for both uniform and P.E. (It is recommended that 2 polo shirts are purchased).

  • Grey trousers (PE uniform to be worn with a pair runners, only on days when your son’s class have swimming, PE, Gymnastics, GAA and Soccer coaching)

Pupil Absences

If your child is absent, you must send a written to the class teacher.
The school attendance is now checked by the National Education Welfare Officer. Families of pupils absent for 20 days or more may receive a home visit from the NEWO who would require explanations for the absences.

Children are not allowed to leave the School premises at any time during the school day unless they bring a written note from their parents stating that they will be collected by the parent or another relation/person named in the note OR they are accompanied by a member of staff.

School Books

School text books and workbooks and copies are provided by the school free of charge due to a Department of Education initiative.

School Fees

There is a school fees charge to supplement the cost of art materials and photocopying charges.  This will be notified to parents and an online payment link will be sent out where parents can pay by visa or credit card online.


Homework for the night should be written in his/her homework diary. Parents are asked to check that your child has completed all homework given by the teacher – written work, oral work and reading and to ensure that your child has all they need for the next day in school. Parents should then sign the homework diary.

The recommended average time for homework ranges from:

  • 2nd class 30 minutes

  • 3rd / 4th Class 45  minutes

  • 5th / 6th class 60 minutes

Work set for homework will generally have been prepared in class

Remember homework and television do not mix!

A copy of the school holidays will be issued to each child during first term.  Notification of any other days off or half days off will also be given in writing / text message.  Important to keep updating the school office of any change of address or mobile phone numbers of  parents.

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