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5A’s Podcast: 

Learn about what we did in our first week back in school since Christmas with our excellent host Leo. We hope you enjoy! 

Podcast 15th of March to 19th of March—193-et0g8e

Click on this link to see some of our latest geography projects:

Country projects

Look at the results from our nature scavenger hunt. The boys had to find examples of various colours in nature, but they stayed within 2km of their house 🙂









New material will be posted up every morning on Google Classroom.

Click on this link for 9 Extra ideas to try at home

Check out some of the Cavan posters from 4AA

The boys showed excellent research skills and artistic skills as this project was completed independently at home. I am very proud of your hard work, thank you and well done 🙂



Homeschool Plan from Monday the30/3/2020 to Friday the 3/4/2020

Remember to do your work into your homework copy, with the title and date on every page 🙂

Link to home school plan Monday 30th to Friday 3rd

Videos, quizzes and links to YouTube and other websites will be on Google Classroom.

Students can upload pictures of their work to SeeSaw.

If you have received a letter from the school inviting you to set up a Google Classroom account, please do so. Thank you to the many parents that have done so already.

Homeschool Plan from Monday the 23/3/2020 to Friday the 27/3/2020

Remember to do your work into your homework copy, with the title and date on every page 🙂

Link to home school plan for Monday 23rd to Friday 27th

I’ve assigned 2 books on EPIC! based upon Anne Frank, one book you can listen to and the other book you can read.

I’ve put up videos for the Irish story and corrected the maths homework on SeeSaw.

Learning at home ideas: 

  • Practice reading the time in digital and analogue. 

  • Find out about animals, dinosaurs, space, nature and history using

  • Learn how to tie your shoe laces

  • Create a menu for dinner and figure out all the ingredients. 

  • Make your own play dough and then you could create your own Jabberwocky. 

  • Write your own quiz, it could be on the Vikings or Middle Ages or anything else you know well. 

  • Help with gardening.

  • Ring a grandparent to say hello. 

  • Build a music instrument using old boxes, tinfoil, rubber bands or anything else that you think would be good. 

  • Write a play or drama. 

  • Learn a skill that your mum or dad has. 

  • Help with baking or cooking at home *get an adults permission first. 

  • Teach somebody in your house some Irish 🙂

Friday 20/3/20

Today you should: 

PE: Home-made obstacle course-include jumping jacks, star jumps, pencil rolls, hopping on one foot, jumping with your feet together and anything else you can add in. You COULD add a VIDEO, PICTURE or WRITE about your obstacle course and upload it to SEESAW. 

Master Your Maths: Week 22 Test and Sounds in Focus: Unit 25 Questions: 9, 10 and challenge. 

Free writing: Let your imagination go wild and create a story. If you are stuck for ideas ask an adults permission to google ‘Literacy Shed’ and explore so ideas. 

Reading: Don’t forget to log onto EPIC and look up some videos. 

Thursday 19/3/20

Today you should: 

Write and draw 3 things you are grateful for today into your homework copy.

Master Your Maths: Week 22 Thursday and Sounds in Focus: Unit 25 Questions: 6, 7 and 8 

Read the story of ‘Glooskap and the Giant’ in Reading Zone and try Q. B and C (You can listen to me read the story on SeeSaw, use the page with the Q.R. I gave you in school to log in. 

Read the story of ‘Lá Fhéile Pádraig’ in Am Don Léamh and try Q. B and C

You can hear me read the English and Irish stories on SEESAW, use the page I gave when leaving school last week Thursday with the Q.R. code to log in. (I will also put up some tips and tricks for English and Irish) 🙂


Wednesday 18/3/20

Today you should:

Try Master Your Maths week 22 Wednesday,

Read the story of ‘Glookap and the Giant’ in Reading Zone and try Q. A and D-Look up new words on Online dictionary for tricky or new words/

Read the story of ‘Lá Fhéile Pádraig’ in Am Don Léamh and try Q. A and D 

Log onto SEESAW, using the page I gave you with the Q.R. code or use the special password I sent to your mum or dad’s email account today. On SEESAW you can see me reading the English and Irish story, I will also go through Master Your Maths Week 22 Wednesday.

EPIC! Reading

Dear parents, I have sent a link to all the parents who have provided an email address to the school for an app called EPIC!

Please follow the instructions, here your son will have access to a huge number of online books for free which can be read or listened to. We have looked at this app in class. Please encourage reading over this period of time.  

Work for Students while off school

Dear parents and guardians,

The students have received a page with instructions for the following 2 weeks. I have suggested which week they should complete this work to give structure.

I will attach a copy of the work on our class blog.  Please check the blog regularly.

Here are a list of some helpful websites:

Irish: – Students can translate work here and also hear the pronunciation of some word by clicking on the letter ‘c’ which sometimes appears beside the word.

Geography: – This includes loads of information about Cavan for their geography project.

Maths: – This website has plenty of problem solving activities to challenge you

Link for work for the next 2 weeks

Incredible Edibles School of the Week! 


We have been selected as school of the week because of our great efforts! 🙂

Check us out:

School of the Week Certificate_St. Felim’s National School_Cavan



Incredible Edibles 

We are taking part in the nation wide competition Incredible Edibles. Here is a list of a few things we have done so far.

  • Examined the ingredients of some of our favourite foods. 

  • Learned the difference between unprocessed and processed foods.

  • Visited a local agricultural college in Ballyhaise to meet the new born lambs, and learn about farming sheep and lambs. 

  • Planted vegetables and fruits in class.

  • Cleaned out some of the garden plots so that we can plant our vegetables and fruits outside.


    Meeting some of the new lambs.

    The lambs and sheep began to come over to us.
    Listening and learning about sheep.

    After we cleaned out one planting bed.

    The Vicious Vikings 

  • We learned all about Viking culture including where they came from, their homes, food, roles in the family, war, longships, games and some of their beliefs. That is not all, we also built replicas of their homes, round towers they attacked and longships.

    A Viking home, people and animals would sleep in a house.
    A round tower where monks would hide when Vikings attacked.
    A longship, they had flat bottoms to make it easy to sail up rivers to attack.
    A Viking shield and axe.


    Christmas Cards for the elderly 

  • We drew, coloured, highlighted and wrote messages for over 100 cards with the other 4th classes for the people staying in the John Sullivan Home and College View Nursing Home. We delivered the cards to College View Nursing Home and spent some time chatting with the residents.




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